Hedge Fund Fakel
We are here to preserve and increase your assets
Hedge Fund Fakel
We are here to preserve and increase your assets
Financial result for 2019
3 000 000$
in profits for our investors
in total assets
About company
Investment fund for financial management on international exchanges
Created by two miners in 2017 with their own funds in order to manage the bitcoins mined from there operation. In 2018 they have increased the fund's turnover to $ 1,500,000, Decision was made to create trading and programming departments. With the help of those new departments , the first version of algorithmic trading was developed for asset management in the cryptocurrency market. In 2019 the amount of funds reached $ 3,000,000. Two training programs were created within the framework of the "Fakel Academy" project.

In 2020, we launched a free bot for working with margin trading. By the end of the year we plan to launch our own ROE terminal.
During this time monthly average return to investors reached 5.2% in dollar equivalent. Our work is carried out by concluding a commission agreement and transferring our clients deposit to there account. We plan the best strategy for you and implement it within the platform that our trading specialists
supervise 24/7.
Hedge Fund "Fakel"
ROE-LIVE stream #7 with Anton Tchashin (ru lang).
Account is valid for a 90 day period
Payments accure every month

50 000 - 500 000 USDT
180 day period
Payments accure every month

500 000 - 1 000 000 USDT
Fakel Academy
We are accepting applications for the next class for offline trading. Starting February 25th
We multiply the efficiency of investments by diversifying risks and introducing new products and technologies
Long term
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